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Diane Dunn's New Book!

I've been working with Diane on her newest Helpful Hints book, Making Summer Count: Hints for Your Best Summer Ever, and it's now live on Amazon and at www.ThreeSkilletPublishing.com. Diane also has it on her website at www.DianeDunn.org

This book is chock full of advice you need to make your summer successful. We've left room at the back for you to add your own helpful hints. This book is one you'll return to summer after summer, a book that will grow with you as you add your own hints that are specific to you.

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Life Lessons I Learned from My Dog Is Readying to Ship

I feel a special excitement about Life Lessons I Learned from My Dog readying to ship. The book went live on Amazon today - woo woo - and it's officially "out there."

You can order the book here.

Lil' Dude, the subject of the book, is no longer a puppy. We still go on our 2-mile runs at the park three times a week (no longer four miles) and he goes up and down the stairs without too much trouble. I reread the manuscript yesterday, and today I played with Lil' Dude while remembering his unending energy as a puppy. His mind still thinks he's a puppy, but that was over a decade ago. Now his energy bottoms out after a few runs around the living room. 

I want to get a picture of him with the book when it arrives. I'll post when it shows up. Hit Read More to see the Dude's pic at the park. Note his fresh trim on his coat. He'd just had a haircut in this picture.

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And Another New Book Is Wrapped! (almost)

I started two books based on my dog about a decade ago when he was a puppy, and my wife convinced me I needed to put them into print. So, here they are, finished. The title says almost, because they are at the printer's, and I've yet to hold my first-run author's copies. 

I took both books (Paws in the Sand and Pineapple Treats) and combined them into one volume titled Life Lessons I Learned from My Dog.

Here's the cover and the publisher's blurb on their website.


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Finished a New Book

During our trip to Massachusetts this past two weeks, we made our way to E. Providence, Rhode Island, to visit with my aunt and cousins. My cousin's daughter is 11, and she is interested in writing. I wrote a book for her before I left Massachusetts to inspire her writing. It's called Abigail and 30 Wonderful Things. I'm waiting on my first print run to arrive so I can send her a copy.

You can get a copy at www.ThreeSkilletPublishing.com or on Amazon.

Here are the chapter titles.

I also want to show off the cover. I am pleased with how it turned out.

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I Hiked a Blizzard on Mother's Day

I arrived in Massachusetts on Saturday, and I knew Sunday would be on my own before my family arrived on Monday. 

I decided to hike a mountain to one of the best waterfalls in the state.

I chose Race Brook Falls on Mt. Everett. It's a total of 6 miles in and out and 1800 feet in elevation. I arrived on Saturday to low 60s and sunshine. I woke on Sunday to upper 30s and rain. I didn't let that slow me down. I had foul-weather gear packed in my things!

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