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Brushed by a Tornado

On my way to Texas last weekend, I hit rain about Atlanta, and it drizzled, spit, and often poured every mile until I reached Dallas. Yesterday, I headed back this way, and the rain hit before I could pack the car. Then it poured, slammed down, and pelted the car from the driveway to Atlanta. Coming through Alabama, I noticed numerous large metal traffic signs twisted and bent for several miles. I knew the rain was blistering and the wind was whistling, but I was driving a sturdy car and hadn't been worried. Then I saw a massive toppled tree covering the Interstate on the opposide side of the median. My wife looked up the local weather and found a video of a tornado that had hit barely an hour before.

God watches out for us, even when we don't know we need his care. 

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Back in Texas after 2 Weeks

I'm back in Texas after only 2 weeks away. It's a double whammy. I'm taking the opportunity to meet with a client I missed on my last trip, but I also have a family health emergency that's come up suddenly. We're certain it will not turn out well. Prayers requested.

I'm grateful I'd done the yard and the flowerbeds this week, as well as thoroughly cleaned the two aquariums and filters yesterday morning. When the call came, I threw together my suitcases and drove away for an 18-hour drive.

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The Rain, the Rain

Cloudy, occulded, and cold. 

That about sums up the day! That's good, though, because it keeps me focused on completing my list.

We all have them. To-do lists. I write mine down. I'm too forgetful to keep my list in my head. If I tried that, I'd never get them all completed! Lol!

I got one of my clients placed in a local bookstore. If you haven't checked out his book, you need to. He's taken the Book of Luke and outlined it in over 80 lessons. It's perfect for a pastor or teacher who needs to prepare a sermon or Sunday school lesson.

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Farley, the Donkey Deliverer

Lol! This is a good one.

During my visit with my mom in Texas, we went to her farm in the country to check on her donkey. That donkey is no longer at her farm!

She said to me, "Farley, I'd like to have that donkey at my house in town, but that's not possible."

I must have been delirious that day, because I said, "I'll make it happen."

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Texas Winding Down

I've been renewing contacts, delivering first edition books, and sorting out business affairs for the past week in Texas.

Time flies! 

I've had a positive response to my new book, The Ferry Waits for No Man, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

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