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The White Christmas Writing Challenge

I was challenged to write a story about a time I experienced a white Christmas. Being from Texas, I haven't had many. Here's my best one ever.

The Christmas Snow

Texas isn’t a place for snow.

Not that you can plan for. We do get the white stuff, and sometimes a lot, but it’s here and gone, rarely when we want it or find it convenient.

Except that one Christmas Day …

I’m from the Metroplex (Fort Worth-Dallas), and we were headed to the Gulf Coast for Christmas week. Galveston, to be specific. As December rolled on, the forecast suggested an ever-increasing chance of Christmas ice storms for Fort Worth.

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My Wilderness Experience - Apolonio Garcia

I didn't put up a favorite book I recently completed for a client in Hallettsville, Texas. This is an amazing story of redemption through the power of a loving God. Get it on Amazon in either paperback or e-book. Search "My Wilderness Experience Garcia" and it will pop right up.

My Wilderness Experience Front Cover v10 for SC

Off to Texas

Texas calls. 

I have several clients in Texas, one near Fort Worth, another in Houston, and a third in Hallettsville.

I hope to swing by my sister's on Thanksgiving and then on to Galveston for the next stop on the trip. Time on the road is good for the soul. (Lol. We'll see if I still feel that way when I return.)

Latest Shipment

I was called in to help with my wife's latest shipment of Personalized Journals and Personalized Bibles.

I headed to the post office the next day. The shipment filled my trunk!

When you provide a product that people love, it sells itself! (With Google Advertising's help, lol!)

Find her personalized products here: My Personalized Scripture Gifts

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