Farley Dunn

I'm Broke, You're Broke, We're All Broke

We complain about America's spending habits, worry that Social Security won't be there for us, and wish for the good old days! Ah, when America was younger, our leaders were wiser, and there was none of this nonsense pork barrel spending in government that's about to drive the USA to rack and ruin.

Except, we were already racked and ruined two centuries ago. Yeah, you read that right, two centuries ago.

Our military is the best in the world, and in 2014, it ate up $571 billion. Wow! Our national health care expenses? $3 trillion! That's six times our military spending.

Things had to have been better two centuries ago. Surely. However, in 1816, the public debt topped $100 million for the first time. It wouldn't be the last. Today, the public debt for the United States stands at $19 trillion. That's NINETEEN TRILLION DOLLARS!

How does that compare with 1816? Tea in 1816, $1.95 a pound. Coffee, $.40 a pound. Flour, $5.00 a barrel. Whiskey, $.62 a gallon. Sugar, $.20 a pound. Beef, $4.00 for a hundred pounds.

Try buying all that for under $13.00 today. That $100 million in 1816 nearly broke the bank.

Were things better in the good ole days? You decide, but $4.00 for a hundred pounds of beef? Hey, dudes, I'd go back if only for a good spread of barbecue. C'mon, 1816, let's get the move on! You were the man, er, woman. It is a new era of political correctness, after all, not 1816 all over again. Shucks! $4.00 a hundred pounds! That would have been nice!