Farley Dunn

What I Can Do For You

Need a manuscript polished? I can do that. Have trouble with verb tenses? I've got you covered. Not sure if your story makes sense? I love to rewrite.

I offer publishing help ranging from a simple Book Assist service that allows you to self-publish your book very economically up to a complete publishing experience with custom interior formatting and a cover tailored to your novel or nonfiction work. 

Whichever level of services you choose, your completed book will be listed in Google books and available to the trade via Bowker Publishing Services, the official ISBN Agency for the US and Australia. I also promote on FB and my numerous websites. For more specific editing or publishing information, including my pricing structure, contact me on the main page of this website.

Of course, every book I publish is listed on Amazon, the largest bookstore in the world, and available as a Kindle eBook, should you purchase that option.